Sunday, November 15, 2009


yeay~.. finally,, the day has come..
the last day for i'm being at uitm shah alam..
feels nothing, sad or something.. but what i'll say that i will miss this moment..
this whole semester at uitm..
perkara yang banyak mengajar tentang pengalman hidup yang sebenar.. haha :p
it's true then actually.. pengalman yang x kan dpat kat dlam lecture..
bak kata my philosophy's lecturer
" dok bwah pkok klapa pn bley blaja ttg hidup".. hehe ;p
niway, i would like to say thanks to UiTM for your treat as long we were here..
never forget that.. PROMISE!.. :D even at first a lil bit clumsy..
but they still wanna accept us.. ngee~.. hehe maklumla..
no ones perfect at first right?.. hehe emm to our lecturer's:
pn hasnah, pn shahida, pn masriah, miss aimi, miss farina, miss azlina,dr shafie,n pn hayati..
yang sudi mengajar kami dengan penuh keikhlasan (chewah~) ;p
yup.. it's right..
emm to our classmate for mat491, mat575, mat422, qmt220, csc415, and phi454,
we will miss that u all call us 'cikgu'.. haha
kelakar plak~.. :D
emm what else? last but not least to
Dr. Salemah, yang bnyak sngat tlong ktorang n also
Dr Adibah, yang bnyak gak uruskan ktorang..
fakulti sains komputer dan matematik..
n not to forget.. faculty of education, thanks for everything..
n for those i'm forget, very sorry ;p
maklumla.. bru lpas exam ni, kapla bnyak weng2.. haha n l
astly,, thanks to UiTM, SHAH ALAM..
we will keep our memories at here~..
the best memory that we ever had.. haha v(^.~)..

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