Monday, November 9, 2009

~the last days~...

about one week left i'm being here~.. n then smester holiday!!,, yeay!!,,
perkara yang ckup bermakna bagi seorang pelajar~.. haha :p
n that means my students exchange program has expired~.. haha :p

emm back to reality,, back to be anak kandung suluh budiman lepas satu sem 'curang ' jap~.. haha
emm satu sem yng byk pengalman duduk kat tempat orang ni.. walaupn dkat je,, but it's different~.. haha that day went to faculty of education,, the program coordinator,
was asked " if there have this exchange students would you join it again?.. "
and my lied answer " emm we'll see",, but my actual answer is
"i would think twice, haha" ":p emm bkan ape,,
it's better if u at ur own places~.. :D trust me~..

emm now starting to pack my stuff,, rase mcm nk bwak blek bdan je.. haha brang byk~..
msti kne mrah ag~.. haha mom, i'm sorry,, i didnt mean it~.. :D x sbar nk oliday,,
nk tdow byk2..(the best things ever),, nk qada' nengok tv,, n mcm2 ag.. :)
tlak tepi dlu nk blek upsi,, because the
important thing now is my HOLIDAY!,, weee!!~..

i think, its enough for now,, ok, see ya~.. :)

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