Thursday, April 30, 2009


when the time passed by, we didn't noticed that almost one year we knew each others. after this we don't know where should we go to continue our campus life here. am sure all of us might be separate away. away until its hard to meet each other. compared to this two semester we went to class together, being late also together, had a group of assignment also together until i felt like not spread out to know others. just always 6 of us.

this is farah, my roommate when i was in first semester. kinda happy go lucky girl~..

this is kak lin, my roommate when i in second semester. she just older a year than me n that's why we called her kak lin. she such a very caring person. n of course all the problems in the house, she wants to know~.. hehe

this is june. she's my housemate. n stayed at room n0.3. (me room n0.1). sometimes she was too out-spoken girl. but doesn't matter as long she cares of our feeling~..

n this also my housemate. stayed at room no.2. we called her kak ina as older than me a year. at first she was very a sensitive girl but it lessen as we came in 2nd semester. but enjoyed friends with her~.

last but not least, this is umi. the closest one i think. :) might be we came from same country. easily share stories together n also secrets just among us. but she a little bit moody~. emm never mind as long we can understand her. its enough~.

just a year knew all of you, i'd learnt many things that taught me everything and anything either we like it o not. besides, u all was the first person i'd known when i first came into upsi. thank you ALLAH because u gave me the most inspired friends, most happiest friends, and can't find anybody else like them. after this we may go separates way. but please don't break off the friendship that we made together. I LOVE ALL OF YOU~..


Friday, April 24, 2009

~mathematics are not open market courses~

b4 i post this blog i just did my revision for advanced calculus. lucky am because i just took only 2 math subject compared last sem 3 subject. but unfortunate nex sem am going to take 7 math subjects. going crazy that way. ngee~ don't know how to survive with all new friends, surroundings, and most important new places UITM, shah alam. bye UPSI (just 4 one sem) and welcome UITM.hehu~ am joint for student exchanges between UPSI n UITM but act not change because doesn't have students from UITM come to UPSI. uit back to real topics. mathematics?. i don't know why i love mathematics more than other subjects. in my SPM i've made a crazy results where i got only 2A1 and there were mathematis and additional mathematics. the other subject who people said easy to score i've got B and C. crazy of me~.. ~lol~ time in matriculation i'd put a hard effort to get much pointer i can make. Alhamdulillah god written my fate to score in matrics. after that, i apply for mathematics in education at UPSI, once again i'd got to further in there in Bachelor(science) mathematics with education. at UPSI the major subject only math no others and i didn't have minor but only focus and also need to study mathematics~. sometimes i feel math is quite hard subject but it is my choice. need to accept even in what matter.. the last class of advanced calculus, i'd skipped. because went back home~. so once again need to put a hard effort for this final exam.
~wish me luck ya~


Monday, April 20, 2009

~ good luck ~

lumrah sebagai seorang pelajar, tak boleh nak lari dengan apa yang dikatakan peperiksaan. even not as student we still have exams right?. such driving's test but that not to sit down and answer on a paper. :p now nearly come my second semester final exams. everytime it comes we feel afraid. why?. because we not have enough study right?. huhu for me am strongly believes because it goes to me. hehe for my AT48 courses good luck 4 ur final exam do all ur best in that final. we can get dean list if we try harder. insyaallah. now like am have no spirit to study. it fly far2 away from me. :p come back la. i want continue my study. hehe am very hungry now! food here i come. hehe ok see ya in next post. need to fill up my stomach so i can concentrate on my study.. hehe ayats poyo saja.. :DD


Friday, April 10, 2009

sorry am not perfect~

am sooo sorry 4 da girl. honestly am very angry with her n this post being the place am luahkn.. yaa i know all the born people are not perfect n so am i. n all have da strongest n da weakers, but as a normal person being am try to be perfect in all my way but i cant. i don know why she is hardly toexpect how she is. sumtimes she just let me in question?.. isnt she angry of me or good to me.. frankly speaking i hate to guess people feeling. ya allah. kau perkuatkan la hati hamba mu ini untuk ku terus menghadapi dugaan dan cubaan mu ini. sesungguhnya ak hamba yang lemah di hadapan mu. Amin. 4 everybody am very sorry 4 my self being. very sorry.. i mish parents damn much :(


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hye there!~

~name given liyana nazurah bte jaffar
~age 19 n turn to 20 on 2nd august this year!.
~still study at museum of education (guess what)..
~luv to post blog when boring or have an idea in sudden or the time when i'm sad damn much!..
~b4 this i'm just post in fs' blog but now i have my own blog.. :))
~ok see ya in nex post ya!..


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