Friday, June 26, 2009

~ sadness in happiness~

about 4.30 pm today, i've got a called from my faculty.
she said that i have to register at UiTM
on 30th june, next tuesday... waaaa!!.. i was just exciting of joining this
SMS ( sekretariat minggu suaikenal) but... i betugas pn only two days..
i don't know i'm very sad when they told me and the same time
i really excited to go to UiTM...
i really confused of my feeling now... maybe ade hikmah behind all this things~.. huhu frankly, when i got message that told me i was chosen to be
SMS i never think twice... i want to go!..
from here i got many experience that i can't get from my lecture..
b4 i go to UPSI, i setting my mind that maybe i'm not capable to finish this MSK..
but when a few days i at here i forgot my mind set.. i really2 excited u know.. huhu but nevermind.. i have another commitment that i need to fulfill.. my studies at UiTM~..
goodbye UPSI (just 4 this one sem..
gonna miss u~).. and for UiTM please welcome me as ur new students~.. teach me what i don't know.. huhu i'm speechless right now.. i don't know how to tell my sekretariat about this news~.. include my parents don't know about this~.. maybe tonight i'll call them.. ok la i think just this for right now~.. any news i'll make new post kay~.. just wait.. haha (perasan artis je).. muahahaha
oopss forgot something.. for other sekretariat happy working yup~..
together we berbakti for our lovely UPSI..

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