Thursday, August 20, 2009


ellow2~.. long time didnt update my blog~.. mlas la nk update.. hehe :p a lot of things had happened this day, but no time to wrote at this blog.. bcoz of my 'lazyness' hahah

now life at UiTM, huh!.. hope this sem will go through faster, so i can back to UPSI again.. mcam da x than nk hdup kt cni.. waaa!..
smalam g UPSI.. amek surat twarn KPM, but just for a while, bcoz at night we got class.. quite rushing.. huhu tu pn mmg da tesedak, nex week da kne submit blek srat2 tu sume.. bru dpat taw srat tu smpai kt sne ahad last week, tp notice da lme naek snanye.. huh!.. agak ke'tension'an wat keje klam kabut cmni.. with much of replacement class.. sume nk replace in the same time.. then clash ngan nk blek umah ag.. waaa!!.. this week blek umah, bcoz want to settle down all the agreement.. nex week nk lek ag.. but have stat replacement class.. huhu nengk la cmne..

sabtu ni i'allah da start puase.. so,
(waa ayat skema :p) ok la, no idea what else to write.. just wait when i'll post again after this.. maybe two month later.. hahha :p (all this depends on my 'rajinness')

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