Monday, June 22, 2009

Kem Motivasi, Kepimpinan dan Kecemerlangan SPM 2009

this was the most interesting camp that i ever go. trust me~.. hehe it was held on 1-7 june 2009.
sume yang terlbat ank2 jhor yg blaja kt upsi~.. simply said mahasiswa anak johor (m@jor) with mpp upsi.. enjoyed staying there even rai can't went along with me.. tawakal je la.. find new friends there... luckily i met k.liza... adalh jugak orang yg knal~.. haha students yng join sume sporting abes.. first day they look pasive but when the day go through trust me it looked like they even known each other for a long time.. lupe plak kem ni wat kat SMK Tun Habab, Kota Tinggi.. mmang pnat la.. ble blek tu kne g btu phat dlu anta adek then baru dpat blek umah~... along the journey when back home, i just slept.. haha then ble da smpai umah, smbung tdo blek smpai la esk.. pastu esknye bangn pukl 12 tgh hr.. tu pn sbb mak call.. if not.. what time i'll wake up.. just imagine.. hahha very tiring day..

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