Saturday, May 2, 2009


based on Macmillan English Dictionary sleep is mean by a natural state in which you are unconscious for a time and your body rests, especially for several hours at night. the main caused i open this topic because am very sleepy right now. hehu~ i woke up early this morning because got briefing about the student exchanges program. act not damn early just around 8 am. but for me its still early. hehu~ am not the person that don't like wake up early especially in holidays mode. if not 11 am and down am still didnt wake up yet. haha very terrible habit~. never mind as long am happy..
hehu~ others, in sleep also have a several body postures that bring good or bad to our body. such as lie on right is good whereas sleep 'meniarap' is not good to us. hehu~ waa!!.. my eyes no longer can opened, its really damn much sleepy, hehu~ i thought that if am posting this blog it will be lessen.. waa!! sleepy, sleepy, sleepy~.. my eyes now looks like panda's eyes. not enough sleep this lately. hehu~ ok la see ya next post. really2 hard to open.. hehu~..


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