Friday, April 10, 2009

sorry am not perfect~

am sooo sorry 4 da girl. honestly am very angry with her n this post being the place am luahkn.. yaa i know all the born people are not perfect n so am i. n all have da strongest n da weakers, but as a normal person being am try to be perfect in all my way but i cant. i don know why she is hardly toexpect how she is. sumtimes she just let me in question?.. isnt she angry of me or good to me.. frankly speaking i hate to guess people feeling. ya allah. kau perkuatkan la hati hamba mu ini untuk ku terus menghadapi dugaan dan cubaan mu ini. sesungguhnya ak hamba yang lemah di hadapan mu. Amin. 4 everybody am very sorry 4 my self being. very sorry.. i mish parents damn much :(


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