Monday, April 20, 2009

~ good luck ~

lumrah sebagai seorang pelajar, tak boleh nak lari dengan apa yang dikatakan peperiksaan. even not as student we still have exams right?. such driving's test but that not to sit down and answer on a paper. :p now nearly come my second semester final exams. everytime it comes we feel afraid. why?. because we not have enough study right?. huhu for me am strongly believes because it goes to me. hehe for my AT48 courses good luck 4 ur final exam do all ur best in that final. we can get dean list if we try harder. insyaallah. now like am have no spirit to study. it fly far2 away from me. :p come back la. i want continue my study. hehe am very hungry now! food here i come. hehe ok see ya in next post. need to fill up my stomach so i can concentrate on my study.. hehe ayats poyo saja.. :DD


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