Friday, April 24, 2009

~mathematics are not open market courses~

b4 i post this blog i just did my revision for advanced calculus. lucky am because i just took only 2 math subject compared last sem 3 subject. but unfortunate nex sem am going to take 7 math subjects. going crazy that way. ngee~ don't know how to survive with all new friends, surroundings, and most important new places UITM, shah alam. bye UPSI (just 4 one sem) and welcome UITM.hehu~ am joint for student exchanges between UPSI n UITM but act not change because doesn't have students from UITM come to UPSI. uit back to real topics. mathematics?. i don't know why i love mathematics more than other subjects. in my SPM i've made a crazy results where i got only 2A1 and there were mathematis and additional mathematics. the other subject who people said easy to score i've got B and C. crazy of me~.. ~lol~ time in matriculation i'd put a hard effort to get much pointer i can make. Alhamdulillah god written my fate to score in matrics. after that, i apply for mathematics in education at UPSI, once again i'd got to further in there in Bachelor(science) mathematics with education. at UPSI the major subject only math no others and i didn't have minor but only focus and also need to study mathematics~. sometimes i feel math is quite hard subject but it is my choice. need to accept even in what matter.. the last class of advanced calculus, i'd skipped. because went back home~. so once again need to put a hard effort for this final exam.
~wish me luck ya~


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