Friday, December 25, 2009


saya FRUST!,, :(
for two things:

wet kpm's scholarship x msok ageven ade yg da 'enjoy'.. huhu
nk rujuk kat spe x taw la ni,, ntah2 my account have problem,,
that's why msok lmbat,, same thing used to, wet klej,,
i only got two weeks later after my friend got it,, huhu frust2,,
kdang2 wet ni bley wat bute ati,, haha
tp mntk2 dijauhkan la,, huhu tp ttap plik,, nape x dpat ag,, huhu

result x kuar ag,, mlas la nk cte pnjng2 psal ni,, tp ble la nk kua,, huhu
ade prob kot~,, tp tu la main thing agak frust!,,

last but not least
isnin da stat sem bru.. mcm x caye je..
pjam clik da sem 4 ak nih..
feels like time fly away without im realising..

my wish for this sem :
1) rajen2 g klas
2) dont postpone assignment
3) do my best in final
(even this wish are fix for every semester b4.. hehe :p)

its night already.. n time to sleep..
good night..

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