Wednesday, March 3, 2010


da lama x update blog ni, em agak busy kot..
last week ngan festival teater..
assignment pn tunggang langgang..
hidup mcm x terurus.. huhu

and now i'm realizing one thing bout me,
i'm not good at time manageable.
need to learn more n more!.. yaa, many thing that i'm still learning.
this week also i learn about human!..
i'm human, my family are human, my friends are human,
and all we are facing now is human. human which have mind and thought.
i learn to understand people around me.
and now i also know a little why do ALLAH swt created
human different characteristics,have different appearances
because ALLAH want us to learn. learn also is a half of ibadat.
just imagine if human in this world just the same,
all good things, and so there will no police station,
there will no rumah kebajikan or rumah perlindungan, b
ecause human are good, kind and all those good things.
okay,back to reality.. :) we can like or dislike the human characteristics,
and i'm also including to that. because i'm a HUMAN.
just the same. khalifah ALLAH. so, just back to ourselves.
what they call?. emm hah muhasabah diri balik.

i'm not perfect and also you HUMAN!.
but they tried to be perfect. but again to be perfect,
they just be selfish. not concern about other human feelings.
that's human. another human cant always satisfied with what they have.
just look at another people and to be like others.
not ever once look at what human own. but sometimes it is really good things.
can make competing with others.
but sometimes also it can make really worst thing.
just believe it.
(ok start merepek sudah) :)

so, the best things, dont always find others' human fault
but just back to ourselves. learn to understand ourselves first
kerana dirimu begitu berharga~..

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