Thursday, September 10, 2009

~menghitung hari~..

now, its time counting the days nk cuti raya.. *excited* :p heheh
klaw bley stat skrang nk tdo je, taw2 bngun da bley blek raya.. hahah but its impossible right?.. emmm this morning have second test for numerical methods... quite *bengong* nk jawab..
bkan x study tp simple thing pn x bley nk jwab.. agk frust dsni ye.. hahah smpai nk tdo ptang pn x x bley,, ye la asyik fkir bnde alah tu je.. waaaaa!!!...
but, nevermind.. bru test blom fnal ag.. hahahha :p
then this saturday, have first test for calculus 3, then next tuesday test again for logic.. waaaa!!!.. tensen2.. :) xpe2..
do remember what abah said.. " k.ngah, always be no.1 ok"..
i'll try my best to be no 1 in ur eyes kay~.. (^.*)v.. ahad ni pn ade klas ganti ag.. huhuh
this week like no weekend for me.. waaa!!.. nk g shpping snanye~.. tdung raya x bli ag.. hahah smpat ag tu.. even bz kn.. hah rya ttap rya.. (mcm dak x ckup umur lak) hahah :p k la.. so now, have 8 days more to go, nk blek raya~.. hahah
(da la blk ar jumaat.. ahad da rya~.. xde feel.. heheh)
( 8 DAYS TO GO)..v (^.^)v..

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